It can be difficult to know where to start when feeling depressed or anxious.

I appreciate that many people become a little anxious at the prospect of an intense atmosphere in a counselling room. Thats not how I work though. My first aim is to help you relax. To see that yes, it is a 'safe and confidential environment for you to talk about anything that you want'. But there's no need for it to be a heavy and intense atmosphere either. 

I believe we can be practical, pragmatic and make some real changes without sacrificing empathy or compassion.  Lets keep it real and see how we can work through this together...its like navigating your way through a dense forest, best if you are with someone who knows their way through?

Some of the people you already know are experiencing issues with their mental health in one form or another - they just haven't spoken about it. Unfortunately not talking or addressing how you're feeling means you get stuck!​ Its not going to go away on its own.

You want to feel more confident and less anxious with some methods and new skills to start moderating your anxieties. Some 'How To's' to help lift yourself out of a low mood or depression. You CAN do it, albeit with a little help, so why not get in touch? Lets have a chat and take it from there? 

I look forward to hearing from you the meantime, take care of yourself and remember, low mood and anxiety are like bad never lasts! ​


Hello and welcome to my corner of

the web! 

My name is Tony Humphreys. I am

a Psychotherapist trained in both

CBT (Cognitive and Behavioural

Therapy) and Person Centred

Counselling. I specialise in

Depression and Anxiety in its

various forms (i.e. Phobias, OCD,

Social Anxiety etc...). 

Do you recognise the following statements....?

"I feel so anxious..."

"I can't seem to pull myself out of this low mood..."

"I have lost interest in everything..."

"I feel sick when I think about work and can't sleep or eat"

"Sometimes I have really dark thoughts that worry me"

"Why am I experiencing this.... What can I do about it....?"

I have thought like that at one time or another too...!


In answering these questions the first thing to realise is you're not alone! Feeling anxious and low are much more common than you think. 

Making that first step towards getting some control is the most difficult one - but once you do you will never look back! 

Make that call and start taking some control deserve it! Contact me here, email me on or just call 07446-094843 leaving a message - I usually get back within 24 hours

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(Bristol) Couples Therapy - A Practical Masterclass

Organisation: Human Givens

Contact: 01313 341690

First date and time: From Tuesday, 10 September @ 09:30 

Drawing on pioneering research that reveals what makes relationships flourish.

(London) Listening to the Self

Organisation: David Shaftebury


First date and time: From Sunday, 15 September @ 10:45 to Monday, 16 September  @ 12:45

(London) Towards Less Anxiety

Organisation: Healthcare Management UK


First date and time: To Be Confirmed