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Tony Humphreys 

Psychotherapist - Prof. Accred-NCPS ACC. EMDR UK - Reg. BUPA: 30049484



BUPA Provider: 30049484

Hello and welcome...

I have been helping people resolve issues with their mental health for nearly 20 years now. I appreciate that many people become a little anxious at the prospect of an intense atmosphere in a counselling room. That's not how I work though. My first aim is to help you relax. To see that yes, it is a 'safe and confidential environment for you to talk about anything that you want'. But there's no need for it to be a heavy and intense atmosphere either. 

I believe we can be practical, pragmatic and make some real changes without sacrificing empathy or compassion.  Let's keep it real and see how we can work through this's like navigating your way through a dense forest, best if you are with someone who knows their way through? After an initial call, I'd hope that you had been able to let me know what's troubling you and what you think the causes may be. Nothing heavy, just a chat!


I am told I have an 'earthy' approach, no fluff.....let's see if we can get you some relief from the distress you're experiencing? Whatever it is! 

I am Professionally Accredited with the National Counselling Society and a registered member of the EMDR Assoc. UK and a member of the ACC



2019 -Present

Current Affiliates

2016 - 2019

Safeguarding Supervisor
Heathfield Community School Taunton Somerset

Affiliate Trainer (Psychological First Aid)
Phoenix Psychologies

EMDR & Psychological Therapist 
Xyla Digital Therapies UK

EAP Therapist - SFBT
Validium Group UK


Psyche Wellbeing Manager - Help for Heroes

Senior Manager Psyche Wellbeing

At H4H I managed a busy team of both CBT therapists and Person Centred Counsellors. An extremely busy role for a very worthwhile cause. Leaving only to start my own practice

2007 - 2015

NHS Psychological Therapist

LI CBT Therapist NHS Somerset and Devon

After gaining my PGCert at the University of Plymouth, I was seconded from my role as Substance Misuse Counsellor to Lo Intensity CBT Therapist

2005 - 2007

Initially volunteering, then securing a permanent post

Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service

Having left behind a career in IT, I embarked on a completely new trajectory in Social Care. This started with gaining a post as a 'Key Worker' after volunteering. I took to the role really well and found a niche in helping others manage their issues. 



2021 -  2022

EMDR Level 3

Psychology Solutions (S. Proudlock)

Facilitating the delivery of EMDR for both trauma based presentations as well as common mental health disorders. 

2015 - 2017

Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Strode College 

Focusing on Rogerian approach and the person centred model of counselling. This included 20 hours of personal therapy.

2006 - 2008

Post Graduate Certificate in Lo intensity Psychological therapies

University of Plymouth

Subsequently known as Lo Intensity CBT. A Post Grad in delivering CBT based interventions for common mental health problems. 





Person Centered Counselling

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

Faith Based Therapy



Addiction Therapy




Early on in my clinical career I started specialising in the assessment and treatment of anxiety and its various presentations - OCD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Phobias etc. Anxiety can be one of the most intrusive mental health issues we can experience, there are several evidence based methods we can use to help you gain some relief from these horrible feelings. 

Faith Based Therapy

A long-standing interest in philosophy has led me to realise quite how important our world view is in terms of our mental health. I am a member of the ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors) and have extensive experience in the study of most world religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.


Amongst other things, Depression is often indicated by an inability to derive pleasure from the things that would normally make us feel positive. A general lack of motivation, with a pessimistic attitude to our future and life generally. Using a mixture of CBT based therapy and Behavioural interventions.I can help you find a way through this and to re-establish the positivity you crave.

Work Related Stress

Work takes up such a huge part of our life, its important that at the very least we can find a way to navigate through the stress that's of inherent in our job. There are different approaches I use to help you manage your stress. This is something I also specialised in when a therapist in the NHS when facilitating several 'very successful Anxiety Management' groups. 


There are some events in our life that are extremely difficult to reconcile, to deal with. As a result they tend to 'loop' around and around invading our thoughts, sleep and generally our ability to move forward. We can feel stuck as if the event(s) are still happening or are going to happen again. As qualified EMDR therapist and can help you access the processing required for you to move on with your life. 

Addiction Therapy

As my first foray into social care was via a substance misuse service, I have held close an interest in treating addiction per se, regardless of how it manifests. This might be substances, gambling or sex and porn addiction. 



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