Telephone Counselling & CBT

I was a telephone therapist in the NHS for 8 years, offering help to people with Depression and Anxiety. I found it to be enormously effective in helping people manage their Anxiety and Low Mood as well as issues like OCD, Sleep Problems and so on.

Some forms of therapy are best suited to the therapy room. However, CBT (Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy) works just as well via the medium of the phone and video (like SKYPE, ZOOM, Teams and Fuze) as well as face to face. By its nature, CBT is a very pragmatic approach using a set of techniques that give you some real practical advice as to how you can start NOW to make those changes you aspire towards. 

How does it work?

After an initial conversation on the phone (no charge) when you would have the opportunity to tell me exactly what it is that you would like help with. We can discuss things like your goals, how you experience the problems you're bringing and how they're affecting you in the wider parts of your life - like finances, relationships and so on. Despite being a really informal session, I would gather the information I need to establish the best and most appropriate methods for you to start using right away to address your needs. If you're happy to go forward, we'd book in your first session!

So how do I access this, and what's the fee?

Simple, drop me an email, message me via the chat link on the bottom right or call me 07446094843. We can schedule in a time that suits you (I am available Weekends and Evenings). We can have an initial chat for on the phone and take it from there. Fees are £65 per telephone session, video conferencing or face to face. 

Is there a waiting long before I am seen?

No, there is no waiting list. I could book you in for an assessment straight away and you wouldn't have to wait more than a few days to be 'seen'.